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The Spirit
of Collecting

…everything that fills a collector’s heart with joy.



The idea behind the website and customer magazine titled “The Spirit of Collecting” was born at Rapp Auctions, a family business rich in tradition where the word “collecting” has always played a vital role.

Collecting is a basic human instinct, a pastime that leaves us feeling satisfied and happy and grows into a true passion.

This makes collectors happy people! “The Spirit of Collecting” showcases this happiness in exciting stories, interviews, videos and reports.

You can also look forward to thrilling events, intriguing offers and outstanding tips!


Customer magazine

The website will be supplemented by the customer magazine “The Spirit of Collecting”, which will be published periodically and is also available on this website as an eCatalogue. The first edition is already online.




Collectors have a lot to share — and they’re passionate about sharing! Listen for yourself.



Exhibitions, celebratory receptions and exclusive gala dinners are just a few of the many events that are hold at Rapp to get closer to the customers.



Do you have a question, comment or suggestion for a topic that we could explore in future issues?

Please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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